How it Works
My Personal Care Facilitates Your Patient Experience

Services Offered


My Personal Care will facilitate and enhance patient-doctor relationship by discussing the care plan in a way that patients and their families understand.


My Personal Care educates patients about their diagnosis and the treatment plans their healthcare provider has outlined.

Medical History Review

Interact with Physicians

Advocate on Behalf of Patient

Provide Access to Specialists


MPC can travel anywhere a patient might reside. For a patient with family members who live a long distance away, MPC can offer clear and concise explanations regarding a patient’s care. This can be done in person, by phone or teleconference. For patients with several residences, MPC can enhance the continuity of care.


MPC is not here to replace or second guess the doctor or other healthcare providers. MPC strives to facilitate and enhance the patient-doctor relationship. The more a patient is educated about his or her illness and diagnostic / treatment plan, the less fearful and ultimately more compliant he or she will be.


Confidence in the entire healthcare process makes for less stress, helping dispel the fear and anxiety a patient may have about his or her medical situation.

Navigating healthcare can be
confusing, stressful, and costly.

We can help.